What type of leather is used to make cowboy boots?

What type of leather is used to make cowboy boots featured

The Basics of Cowboy Boot Leather

Cowboy boots have been a part of American fashion for centuries. These boots have an iconic style, and the type of leather used to make them can affect both their appearance and durability. Most cowboy boots have leather uppers and soles, so it’s essential to know the different types of leather that can be used.

Cowhide Leather

Cowhide leather is, by far, the most commonly used leather for cowboy boots. It’s durable, pliable, and can be worked into many different finishes, from glossy to matte. It’s also quite affordable, making it ideal for mass-produced boots. The leather is taken from cow hides and comes in a range of thicknesses depending on the desired durability of the boot.

Exotic Leathers

Many cowboy boot fans appreciate the unique look and feel of exotic leathers. These types of leather come from animals such as snakes, lizards, ostriches, and crocodiles. Exotic leathers vary in price and durability, with crocodile leather being one of the most expensive and durable options. Exotic leathers can give cowboy boots a fashion-forward edge, but they may require more maintenance than traditional cowhide leather.

Bison Leather

Bison leather is a favorite among cowboy boot fans who value durability and softness. Bison leather is thicker and stronger than cowhide leather, meaning it can withstand more wear and tear. Bison leather is also surprisingly soft and pliable, making it ideal for boots that need to be comfortable and form-fitting. Bison leather has a unique, natural grain pattern that adds to its visual appeal.

Roughout Leather

Roughout leather is a type of leather that’s made by turning the grain side of the leather inward, so the flesh side is exposed. This type of leather is durable, but it has a different appearance than traditional cowhide leather. Roughout leather has a suede-like finish, and the flesh side can often be seen on the boots’ exterior. This type of leather is ideal for cowboy boots that will be worn in rough, outdoor environments.

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