What type of earring is best for a square face?

What type of earring is best for a square face featured

Understanding Your Face Shape

Before we dive into which earrings are best for a square face, let’s first understand what a square face shape is. A square face shape usually has a strong jawline, a broad forehead, and wide cheekbones. The length and width of the face tend to be similar, creating a boxy appearance. To balance out the angles of a square face, you’ll want to look for earrings that soften the features and add some curves to your overall look.

The Best Earring Types for Square Faces

The key to finding the perfect earrings for a square face is to choose styles that are opposite in shape to your facial structure. Some of the best earring types for square faces include hoops, teardrops, chandeliers, and oval-shaped earrings. These styles will help add a touch of curviness to your face and give the illusion of a softer jawline.

Hoops and Teardrops

Hoops and teardrop earrings are perfect for softening the angles of a square face. Look for hoop earrings that are wider at the bottom and thinner at the top, as this will create a gradual curve that complements your face shape. Teardrop earrings are also great, as they mimic the shape of a tear, adding some much-needed softness to your look.

Chandeliers and Ovals

Chandelier earrings are another excellent choice for square faces, as they add length to your face and help to create a more elongated look. These earrings typically have multiple tiers or layers, which will help to create a downward flow and draw the eyes away from your forehead and jawline. Lastly, oval-shaped earrings work wonders for square faces. They’re curved and give the illusion of a longer, slimmer face.

Avoid These Earring Types

Not all earring types are created equal, and there are a few styles to avoid if you have a square face. Large geometric shapes, like square or angular earrings, will only accentuate the strong lines of your face. Similarly, studs and other circular earrings that sit too close to the earlobe may overpower and flatten your face. To avoid these pitfalls, opt for the softer, more curved styles we’ve mentioned above.

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