What kind of hair spray is best for holding an updo?

What kind of hair spray is best for holding an updo featured

Why the right hair spray is key for an updo

If you are trying to achieve a beautiful updo, choosing the right hair spray is essential. Not all hair sprays are created equal, and some may not provide the hold and flexibility needed to keep your style in place.

Look for a flexible hold

When selecting a hair spray for an updo, it is important to choose one that provides a flexible hold. This type of hold allows your hair to move naturally without causing your style to fall apart. Look for products that specifically mention “flexible hold” on the label.

Choose a product that works for your hair type

Just like with any hair product, the hair spray you choose for an updo should be suited to your specific hair type. If you have fine hair, you may want to look for a lighter weight formula that won’t weigh down your locks. Similarly, if you have thicker hair, you’ll likely need a stronger spray to provide the hold you need.

Consider the finish

Not all hair sprays leave the same finish on your hair. Some provide a glossy finish, while others leave a matte or even slightly sticky finish. Consider the overall look you are going for with your updo and choose a spray that will help you achieve that finish.

Our top hair spray picks for an updo

While there are many great hair sprays on the market, a few stand out for their ability to hold an updo without making hair feel overly stiff or crunchy. Some of our favorites include:

Ultimately, finding the right hair spray for your updo may require a bit of trial and error. The key is to look for a product that offers a flexible hold, suits your hair type, and provides the finish you are looking for. With the right hair spray, your updo will look beautiful and stay in place all day long.

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