What is the price range of egg boxes?

What is the price range of egg boxes featured

Understanding the Price Range of Egg Boxes

When it comes to buying egg boxes, the price range varies based on various factors. Therefore, it is essential to understand various categories of egg boxes and how their cost differ. The cost of the container is a vital consideration for many, and this article simplifies how pricing works.

The Material of Egg Boxes

The first factor that affects the price of egg boxes is the material. Cardboard is the most common material that makes egg boxes, and it ranges between $0.20 to $0.50 per carton. Foam cartons are an upgrade from cardboard, and they are more expensive. They’re better suited for protecting eggs during shipping and storage, and they cost between $0.55-$1 per carton. Further, plastic and pulp cartons often cost more than cardboard since they are durable, convenient, and eco-friendly.

Size of Egg Boxes

Egg boxes come in different sizes, and this also affects their pricing. A standard egg box that holds 12 eggs costs less than a bigger carton that holds 18, 24, or more eggs. This is mainly due to the difference in packaging materials. The bigger the box, the thicker it must be to ensure that eggs remain intact while in transit.

Quantity of Egg Boxes

The price of egg boxes also varies depending on the quantity purchased. When bought in small quantities, egg boxes tend to be more expensive than when bought in bulk. The pricing typically starts to decrease when you purchase a minimum of 500 cartons in most packaging stores. It’s more cost-effective for wholesale buyers to order in large quantities since the cost per carton reduces with the increase in quantity.

Brand and Supplier

The brand and the supplier of egg boxes also affect their pricing. Some brands have built a reputation for providing high-quality egg boxes and charge a premium for their products. Further, some suppliers have low overhead costs and can afford to sell their boxes at a lower price. Therefore, it is essential to research the brand and supplier before making a purchase.

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