What is the history of the shoe horn?

What is the history of the shoe horn featured

The origins of the shoe horn

The use of a shoe horn dates back to ancient times when people crafted them from various materials including bone, ivory, and wood. The purpose of the shoe horn was to help reduce the stress on the back heel of shoes when putting them on. Even in the Roman Empire, shoe horns were already in use.

The evolution of the shoe horn

Over the years, the design of shoe horns started to evolve with the introduction of smaller sizes and more lightweight materials such as plastic and metal. In the 19th century, the use of shoe horns started to become more widespread with the rise of the middle class and the production of more affordable shoes. In the 20th century, various designs from different countries began to emerge, such as the long-handled Japanese “kutsu kake” and the Indian “jooti”.

The shoe horn in modern times

Today, the shoe horn continues to be an essential tool for people of all ages, especially for those who struggle with mobility or back pain. The modern shoe horn is often made of plastic or metal, and comes in various shapes and sizes to accommodate different types of footwear. Some shoe horns also come with extended handles or grips to provide better leverage.

Benefits of using a shoe horn

Using a shoe horn offers various benefits such as reducing the strain on the heel of the shoe, preventing damage to the back of the shoe’s heel collar, and helping preserve the shape of the shoe. Moreover, using a shoe horn can also prevent creases and scuffs on your shoes’ front, and most importantly, it offers a greater level of comfort when putting on shoes.

The shoe horn may seem like a small and insignificant gadget, but its history and evolution highlight its importance for people’s daily lives. From ancient times to modern times, the shoe horn has played a crucial role in making footwear comfortable and preserving shoe quality. Therefore, it’s an essential tool for everyone to have in their shoe care kit.

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