What is the difference between wax polish and cream polish?

What is the difference between wax polish and cream polish featured

What Are Wax and Cream Polishes?

Wax and cream polishes are two common types of shoe polishes used to achieve a glossy shine on leather shoes. Both types contain pigments that help restore the color of the leather, but the main difference between them lies in their primary ingredients.

The Main Ingredients

Wax polish is made of natural waxes, such as beeswax, carnauba wax, or turpentine. Cream polish, on the other hand, contains a combination of natural and synthetic waxes blended with oils, water, and solvents.

Application Process

To apply wax polish, take a small amount on a soft cloth or brush and spread it evenly on the leather. Let it dry for a few minutes before buffing it with a horsehair brush to create a shine. Cream polish is applied in the same way, but it doesn’t require as much drying time and can be buffed immediately after application to create a shine.

Shine and Durability

Wax polish creates a high shine and is more durable than cream polish, making it an ideal choice for protecting the leather from moisture and debris. Cream polish, on the other hand, provides a softer shine and is better suited for maintaining the appearance of the leather, as it doesn’t provide as much protection as wax polish.

Final Recommendation

Overall, the choice between wax and cream polish depends on the level of shine and protection required, as well as personal preference. If you want a high shine and durable protection, go for wax polish. If you prefer a softer shine and easier maintenance, cream polish may be the better choice. Whatever your choice, make sure to use a high-quality polish and apply it regularly to keep your leather shoes looking their best.

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