What is the difference between a wall crucifix and a tabletop crucifix?

What is the difference between a wall crucifix and a tabletop crucifix featured

Wall Crucifix vs Tabletop Crucifix: What’s the Difference?

Crucifixes are common in Catholicism and other Christian denominations as symbol of faith and reverence. While many may think that all crucifixes are the same, there are actually two main types – wall crucifixes and tabletop crucifixes – each with their own unique features and purposes. Let’s explore the differences between the two.

Wall Crucifix: A Symbol of Devotion and Decoration

A wall crucifix is designed to be hung on a wall and is often a focal point in a home, chapel or church. It usually features a larger cross with a figure of Jesus Christ, often made of wood, metal or resin. The intricate design of the wall crucifix effectively displays the artistic crafts of the skilled artists. It is often used as a religious decoration as well as for personal devotion, and can be found in various sizes to fit any space.

Tabletop Crucifix: Ideal for Personal Use and Prayer

A tabletop crucifix, also known as a devotional crucifix, is smaller in size and can be placed on a table, desk, or altar. It is a personal item used for prayer and personal devotion. This type of crucifix often features a more detailed depiction of Jesus, with a wider range of colors and detailed designs. It is a preferred item for personal reflection and meditation, as well as for use in Catholic schools and for masses in the chapel.

Choosing the Right Crucifix for Your Needs

Choosing between a wall crucifix and a tabletop crucifix depends on personal preference and purpose. If you are looking to decorate your space with a religious symbol, a wall crucifix will be the ideal option. If you want a personal object for prayer or reflection, a tabletop crucifix is the perfect choice.

Where to Buy Crucifixes?

Both wall and tabletop crucifixes can be found at religious stores or online. Many Catholic gift shops and online stores like The Catholic Company provide a wide range of choices for both wall and tabletop crucifixes. You can also find table top crucifixes on Amazon such as this TableTop Crucifix Bronze Tone that is very popular among devotional crucifix buyers.

The Bottom Line

You now understand the difference between a wall crucifix and a tabletop crucifix. Both serve a different purpose, and the choice between them depends on your needs. Whether you select a wall crucifix as decoration or a tabletop crucifix as a personal object of devotion, it will assist in strengthening and enhancing one’s spiritual life.

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