What is the best way to store Christmas lights?

What is the best way to store Christmas lights featured

Storing Christmas Lights: A Guide to Keeping Your Lights Safe and Tangle-Free

The holiday season is over, and it’s time to pack away your festive decorations until the next year. Among the decorations is one of the most frustrating items to pack – the Christmas lights. Every year, homeowners struggle with tangled and broken lights that were not well-stored, and nobody wants to spend hours untangling them next year. In this guide, we’re going to show you the best way to store Christmas lights to keep them safe and tangle-free.

Step 1: Remove The Lights

The first step in storing Christmas lights is to remove them from your tree or outside your home. Be sure to handle them carefully to avoid any damage or tangling. Inspect the lights for any broken bulbs or frayed wires and replace them before you store them away. Also, wipe down any dirt or dust to keep them clean for next year.

Step 2: Choose A Storage Option

There are several storage options when it comes to storing Christmas lights. You can use cardboard, plastic bags, storage boxes or reels. However, the best way to store your lights is to use a reel. A reel will keep your lights neatly stored without the risk of tangling, and it also makes it easier to get them out next year.

Step 3: Wind Your Lights

Now that you have your storage reel, it’s time to wind your lights. Start by finding the female end of the lights and locking it into the reel. Then, take the lights and wrap them around the reel, ensuring that they are nice and tight. You can use twist ties or rubber bands to keep them in place.

Step 4: Label Your Reel

When you’re done winding the lights, the next step is to label your reel. You can use a label maker or masking tape to label the reel with any relevant information. This will ensure that you know exactly what’s on the reel and avoid breaking or tangling them when you’re looking for something else.

Storing your Christmas lights in the right way can save you time, money and frustration next year. By following these simple steps, you’ll be able to store your lights without worrying about them getting tangled or broken. Remember to inspect your lights before storing them, choose a storage option, wind the lights on the reel, and label it for future use. With these tips, your Christmas lights will be ready to go next year, and you’ll enjoy a hassle-free holiday season.

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