What is the best way to store bobbins of thread?

What is the best way to store bobbins of thread featured

Organizing your sewing room: Storing bobbins of thread

As sewing enthusiasts, we understand the value of keeping our work area neat and tidy. One of the most frustrating tasks can be storing bobbins of thread. With so many colors and types of thread available, it’s essential to have a system to keep them organized.

Consider a bobbin holder

If you own several bobbins of thread, a bobbin holder is an excellent option for keeping them organized. These holders come in various shapes and sizes, but a simple model often suffices. They are relatively affordable and easy to find at most craft stores.

Use a storage box

If you prefer not to use a bobbin holder, consider using a storage box. These boxes are available in plastic or wooden materials and come in various sizes. One advantage of a storage box is they can accommodate other sewing supplies like needles and pins.

Wrap your threads

Another way to store your bobbins of thread is to wrap them securely. You can use rubber bands or thread floss to wrap individual bobbins. Wrapping ensures that the thread does not unravel or become tangled.

Consider labeling

Lastly, consider labeling your bobbins of thread for easy identification. You can label them using a permanent marker or a label maker. When you’re in the middle of a sewing project, you don’t want to spend time trying to identify the correct thread color or type.

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