What is the best way to pack a coat for travel?

What is the best way to pack a coat for travel featured

Know the material of your coat

Packing a coat for travel begins with knowing what material it’s made of. Different materials require specific storage methods to maintain their quality when you arrive at your destination. Generally, wool, and wool-blend coats are often more substantial and bulky, and so, they require more space. In contrast, down jackets are lighter and compressible, making them more comfortable to pack.

Fold or Roll

When packing a coat, you can either fold it or roll it. Both ways work well, and the one you choose will depend on personal preference and space availability. To fold a coat, lay it flat on a surface, take one tail and fold it at the shoulder seam towards the middle. Repeat this on the opposite side, then fold the coat in half, starting from the bottom up. Rolling your jacket is advisable when it’s made of a lightweight material like a down jacket, and you plan to take it as part of your hand luggage.

Use a compression bag

If you’re packing a coat for a trip where space is a premium, consider using a compression bag. These bags are designed to save space in your luggage by pushing the air out of your clothes and compressing them. This process allows you to fit more clothes into a smaller space than you would if you were just folding your clothes. You can buy compression bags from luggage stores or online.

Use tissue paper

If you’re packing a coat made of delicate fabric, using tissue paper can help prevent wrinkles or damage to the cloth. Pack the coat in the tissue paper before placing it in your suitcase, and make sure that you’ve used enough tissue paper to cover every part of the coat. When you arrive at your destination, remove the coat from the paper, and you will find it in the same condition as when you left your home.

Use a garment bag

If you’re worried about your coat getting crushed or rumpled in transit, invest in a garment bag. These bags are specifically designed to keep your clothes folded and free from creases. Garment bags come in a range of sizes, and you can buy one that fits your coat’s length perfectly. Most garment bags come with a hanger attached to the top, so you can hang your coat up in the closet when you arrive at your destination.

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