What is the best way to clean hand towels?

What is the best way to clean hand towels featured

Understanding the importance of clean hand towels

Hand towels are an essential item found in every household, workplace, and public establishments. They provide a convenient and effective way to dry hands and are commonly shared among different people. However, this frequent use makes them a breeding ground for germs and bacteria. It is crucial to clean hand towels regularly to avoid the spread of infections and maintain good hygiene.

Prefer machine wash over hand wash

When it comes to cleaning hand towels, many people opt for hand wash thinking it is more effective. However, washing them in a machine is a better option as it provides a deep clean and sanitizes better. Use hot water, preferably at 60 degrees Celsius or higher, to wash the towels. You can also add a disinfectant to the wash to kill germs.

Avoid fabric softeners and fabric conditioners

Fabric softeners and conditioners can make hand towels more absorbent but they also reduce their ability to soak up moisture. Additionally, they can leave a residue on the fabric that traps dirt and bacteria. It is best to avoid using such products while washing hand towels.

Dry hand towels completely

The damp environment created by wet hand towels is ideal for bacterial growth. Always ensure that the towels are completely dry before using them again. Tumble dry the towels on high or dry them outside in the sun. If you are drying them inside, ensure that the room is well-ventilated to prevent dampness.

Replace hand towels when necessary

No matter how thoroughly you wash them, hand towels have a lifespan. They start to deteriorate after a certain number of washes and eventually become less absorbent and hygienic. It is best to replace hand towels after every few months or sooner depending on their condition and frequency of use. Always keep a fresh supply of clean hand towels on hand to maintain good hygiene.

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