What is the best size for an ironing board?

What is the best size for an ironing board featured

Why size matters when it comes to ironing boards?

Ironing might not be everyone’s favorite household chore, but it’s a necessary one. For best results, you’ll need an ironing board that’s the right size and height for you. But what exactly is the best size for an ironing board?

The standard size for an ironing board

The most common size for an ironing board is between 15 to 18 inches wide and 45 to 54 inches long. This size is considered a standard that suits most people’s needs. It provides enough space to iron clothes properly, without being too bulky to store. The height of the board should also be considered, with adjustable legs being the best option.

Consider the size of the items you will be ironing

The size of your ironing board should also depend on the items you’ll be ironing. For instance, if you regularly iron large bed sheets or curtains, a wider and longer ironing board will come in handy. On the other hand, smaller ironing boards can be ideal for those who iron smaller items such as napkins, pillowcases or shirts. If you iron a mix of larger and smaller items, consider getting a board with an adjustable height option.

Smaller ironing boards might be more practical

If you have limited storage space, a smaller ironing board might be the best option. Not only will it take up less room, but it can also be easier to move around when needed. Smaller ironing boards can also be a good choice for those who live in apartments or small houses, where space is limited.

When in doubt, go for a medium-sized ironing board

When it comes down to it, the size of your ironing board should be based on your personal preferences. The standard ironing board size is a good choice for most people, but if you have specific needs or space limitations, consider a smaller or larger board accordingly. Whatever you choose, just make sure you have enough space to iron your clothes comfortably and efficiently.

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