What is the best paper for colored pencil drawing?

What is the best paper for colored pencil drawing featured

The Best Paper for Colored Pencil Drawing

Colored pencil drawing is a popular art form that requires the right materials to achieve the desired results. One crucial element in creating stunning colored pencil artwork is the choice of paper. The right paper can enhance color vibrancy, handle layering, and prevent smudging. There are several types of paper available in the market, but not all of them are suitable for colored pencil drawing. In this article, we will explore the best paper options for colored pencil drawing.

Bristol Board

Bristol board is a popular choice for colored pencil artists due to its smooth and durable surface. This heavyweight paper is ideal for layering and blending colors. It does not easily buckle or warp when exposed to water-based blending techniques. Bristol board comes in various finishes, including smooth and vellum. The smooth finish is excellent for achieving fine details, while the vellum finish adds a slight tooth that can enhance color saturation. Some widely recognized brands for colored pencil drawing on Bristol board include Strathmore and Canson.

Drawing Paper

Drawing paper is another option for colored pencil artists. This type of paper has a moderate tooth, allowing for better color adherence. Drawing paper comes in different weights and finishes, giving artists a range of choices based on their preferred style. For colored pencil drawing, heavyweight drawing papers are recommended to prevent excessive warping. The moderate tooth of drawing paper helps hold multiple layers of colored pencil, allowing for easier blending and shading. Some popular brands for colored pencil drawing on drawing paper include Fabriano and Daler Rowney.

Watercolor Paper

Watercolor paper can also be an excellent choice for colored pencil drawing. The rough surface texture of watercolor paper provides added tooth, allowing colored pencil pigment to adhere better. This toothy surface also creates interesting textural effects when combined with colored pencil strokes. Additionally, watercolor paper has the advantage of being able to withstand various wet media techniques, such as watercolor washes and watercolor pencil blending. Some recommended brands for colored pencil drawing on watercolor paper are Arches and Strathmore.

Pastel Paper

Pastel paper may not be an obvious choice for colored pencil drawing, but it can produce unique and visually appealing results. Pastel paper has a textured surface that grips colored pencil pigments, creating a gritty and grainy appearance. The texture of pastel paper allows for easy layering and blending, making it suitable for achieving rich and vibrant colors. Additionally, the toothy surface of pastel paper helps prevent colored pencil from smudging. Brands like Sennelier and Clairefontaine offer pastel papers that can be used for colored pencil drawing.

Mixed Media Paper

Mixed media paper is a versatile option that can accommodate a variety of art mediums, including colored pencil. This type of paper is designed to handle wet and dry media, making it suitable for blending techniques and the layering of colored pencil. Mixed media paper often has a moderate tooth that provides just enough texture for colored pencil to adhere to while allowing for smooth shading and blending. Brands like Strathmore and Canson offer mixed media papers that are well-suited for colored pencil drawing.

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