What is a sporran?

What is a sporran featured

What is a Sporran?

A sporran is a traditional Scottish accessory that is worn with a kilt. It is typically made of leather or fur and serves as a type of pocket to carry small items such as a wallet, keys, or a phone. The word “sporran” comes from the Gaelic word “sporan” meaning purse or pouch.

The History of the Sporran

The sporran has been a part of Scottish highland dress for centuries. It originally served as a practical item, as kilts do not have pockets, and provided a place for men to carry small items while hunting or working. Over time, the sporran evolved into a more decorative piece, with intricate designs and materials such as silver and fur being used.

Types of Sporrans

Today, there are several types of sporrans to choose from. The most common type is the day sporran, which is usually made of leather or fur and is worn for day-to-day occasions. Dress sporrans are more ornate and are typically reserved for formal events such as weddings or black-tie events. There are also semi-dress sporrans that fall somewhere in between the two.

How to Wear a Sporran

The sporran is worn at the front of the kilt, hanging from a chain that is attached to the kilt belt. It should be centered and hang no lower than the bottom of the kilt. The chain is typically made of metal and can be plain or decorative.

Where to Buy a Sporran

There are many retailers that sell sporrans both in Scotland and online. Some popular options include Kinloch Anderson, Glenmuir, and Scotweb. When choosing a sporran, it is important to consider the occasion and your personal style to find the perfect fit.

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