What is a skeleton car key?

What is a skeleton car key featured

What is a Skeleton Car Key?

A skeleton car key is an old-fashioned key used to unlock car doors and start car engines. These keys are usually made of brass and are longer and narrower than modern car keys. They have a distinctive shape with a round head, a long shank, and jagged notches along the edge that correspond to the tumblers in the lock.

How Do Skeleton Car Keys Work?

Skeleton keys work differently than modern car keys. Instead of using an electronic chip or transponder to communicate with the car’s ignition system, a skeleton key is inserted into the lock mechanism and turned to start the car. The key’s jagged notches lift the tumblers inside the lock to the correct height, allowing the lock to turn and engage the engine.

Are Skeleton Car Keys Still in Use Today?

Skeleton car keys are not commonly used today because modern cars use electronic keys that are more secure and harder to duplicate. However, some classic cars still use skeleton keys, and they are also popular among collectors and enthusiasts who appreciate the nostalgia of old-fashioned keys.

Where Can You Buy Skeleton Car Keys?

If you need a skeleton key for your classic car, you can find them at specialty auto parts stores, online marketplaces like eBay or Amazon, or from antique dealers who specialize in vintage car parts. It is also possible to have a key custom made if you have the original key or a good quality photo of it.

How Can You Tell if You Have a Skeleton Car Key?

If you have an old key that you suspect may be a skeleton key, you can tell by looking at the key’s shape and design. Skeleton keys will have the distinctive round head, long shank, and jagged notches along the edge. They may also have decorative elements like engravings or ornate handles.

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