What is a gravity bowl?

What is a gravity bowl featured

What is a Gravity Bowl?

A gravity bowl is a type of smoking device that uses gravity as a means of pulling smoke into a chamber filled with water. It typically consists of a glass bowl, downstem, and mouthpiece. To use a gravity bowl, water is first added to the bottom of the bowl. The bowl is then filled with herb, and a flame is used to ignite it. As the smoke is created, the user pulls the bowl out of the water, causing the smoke to be sucked into the chamber. Once the desired amount of smoke has been created, the user places the bowl back into the water, forcing the smoke out of the mouthpiece.

The Benefits of Using a Gravity Bowl

There are several benefits to using a gravity bowl. First, it produces a smooth hit of smoke, as the water acts as a filter, removing any harshness. Additionally, the smoke is cooled as it travels through the water, making it less harsh on the lungs. Finally, the gravity bowl can be used to conserve herb, as it only requires a small amount of product to produce a large amount of smoke.

How to Clean a Gravity Bowl

Cleaning a gravity bowl is relatively simple. First, remove any remaining ash and herb from the bowl. Next, use a solution of isopropyl alcohol and salt to clean the inside of the bowl, downstem, and mouthpiece. The salt acts as an abrasive, scrubbing away any residue, while the alcohol dissolves any remaining particles. Once the pieces have been cleaned, rinse them with warm water and dry them thoroughly.

Where to Purchase a Gravity Bowl

Gravity bowls can be purchased from a variety of brick-and-mortar and online retailers. Some good places to look for gravity bowls include head shops, smoke shops, and online retailers such as Grasscity and Smokecartel. It is important to purchase a high-quality gravity bowl, as cheaper options may not function properly or may break more easily.

The Risks of Using a Gravity Bowl

While there are several benefits to using a gravity bowl, there are also some risks to be aware of. First and foremost, smoking of any kind can be harmful to the lungs and overall health. Additionally, users should be careful when using a gravity bowl, as the hot bowl can cause burns if not handled properly. Finally, as with any smoking device, users should be aware of their surroundings and use the gravity bowl in a safe and responsible manner.

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