What hijab styles are best for long hair?

What hijab styles are best for long hair featured

5 Best Hijab Styles for Long Hair

Hijab is an essential part of Muslim women’s clothing and culture. It not only covers the hair but also represents a sign of modesty and privacy. Many women who wear hijab have long hair, and they often wonder which hijab style would work best for them. The following are the five hijab styles that suit long hair the most:

Simple Wrapping Style

The simple wrapping style is the most basic and commonly worn hijab style. It is effortless to wear and perfect for long hair. All you need to do is pin your hair back into a low bun and cover it with a hijab. Ensure that the hijab is long enough to drape over your shoulders. You can add some volume to the crown area by creating a poof or leave it simple and elegant.

Turban Style

The turban-style hijab is a modern and chic style, which looks amazing on women with long hair. First, tie your hair into a low and loose bun, then place a headband on your forehead, and wrap the hijab around your head. Make sure that the headband is visible, as it adds an extra charm to the style. You can also accessorize the turban with fancy pins, brooches, and earrings.

Side-Swept Style

The side-swept hijab style is a great option for women who don’t like to pin their hair back but want to keep it open. To achieve this style, part your hair on one side, and let it drape over one shoulder. Then wrap the hijab around your head, making sure to leave a small portion of your hair visible. You can also add some curls or waves to your hair to make it look more voluminous.

Layered Style

The layered hijab style is perfect for women who want to add layers and dimension to their hair. Start by creating a low bun and wrapping a hijab around it. Then, take another hijab and fold it in half, placing it over your head and pinning it at the back. The second hijab will form a layering effect on top of the first one, creating a more intricate and stylish look.

Crown Style

The crown style hijab is a sophisticated and elegant style that looks fantastic on women with long hair. First, create a small bun at the back of your head, and then place a voluminous hijab over it. The hijab should be tucked in at the front like a crown, covering the small bun. This style is perfect for formal occasions and can be accessorized with fancy jewelry and headbands.

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