What causes dishwasher to leak?

What causes dishwasher to leak featured

5 Common Reasons Behind Dishwasher Leaks

Having a dishwasher at your home is a lifesaver as it saves you from the agony of washing an endless pile of dishes. But, have you ever encountered a situation where you find your dishwasher leaking? Well, if yes, then you must know how frustrating and challenging it can be to deal with a water-soaked floor. Leakage from dishwashers can occur due to various reasons, and here we are going to discuss the top five causes of a dishwasher leak.

Damaged Door Gasket

The door gasket is a rubber seal that sits on the outer edges of the dishwasher door between the door and the dishwasher’s body. A damaged or torn gasket can lead to water leakage from your dishwasher. When your dishwasher runs, the water pressure increases, and if the door gasket isn’t completely sealed, it will allow water to leak out. So, in case you have a damaged gasket, make sure to replace it as soon as possible.

Cracks in the Dishwasher Tub

Another common cause of dishwasher leakage is a crack in the dishwasher tub. If your dishwasher’s body has developed any cracks, it can lead to water leakage from the machine. Cracks develop because of poor maintenance, overloading, or using harsh chemicals that erode the dishwasher’s surface. In such a situation, you may need to replace the entire dishwasher.

Loose or Damaged Hoses

Your dishwasher has two hoses (drain hose and water inlet hose) that connect with your home’s plumbing system. If any of these hoses become loose or damaged, water leakage can occur. A loose connection can cause water to drip from either of the hoses. On the other hand, a damaged hose can lead to a significant amount of water leaking out of your dishwasher.

Worn-out Pump Seal

If the pump seals of your dishwasher wear out, water can leak out of the dishwasher motor. When the pump wears out, it allows water to seep out through the motor’s center. If you notice that water is leaking from the dishwasher’s motor, it’s likely that the pump seal needs to be replaced.

Loose or Damaged Valve

If the water inlet valve is loose or damaged, it can cause water to leak out from under your dishwasher. A loose valve is generally caused by poor installation, while a damaged valve can develop due to wear and tear. In case you experience any water leakage from under the dishwasher, you must check the valve and replace it if necessary.

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