What are the different types of plungers?

What are the different types of plungers featured

Types of Plungers

Plungers are simple yet effective tools used for unclogging drains and toilets. They work by creating a vacuum when pressure is applied, which helps in dislodging blockages. While most people are familiar with the traditional plunger, there are actually several different types of plungers available in the market. Each type is designed for specific purposes and comes with its own unique features. In this article, we will discuss the common types of plungers and their uses.

Cup Plunger

The cup plunger, also known as the sink plunger or the flat plunger, is the most common and widely used type of plunger. It features a rubber cup with a flat bottom and a wooden or plastic handle. Cup plungers are primarily used for unclogging sinks, showers, and bathtubs. They create a seal around the drain opening, allowing for effective plunging action and easy suction. Cup plungers are not suitable for toilets as they may not create enough pressure to clear the blockage.

Flange Plunger

The flange plunger, also known as the toilet plunger or the accordion plunger, is specifically designed for unclogging toilets. It features an extended rubber cup with a flange or lip-shaped extension that fits snugly into the toilet drain opening. The flange helps create a tight seal, ensuring maximum pressure and suction. Flange plungers are typically made of more durable rubber than cup plungers, as they need to withstand the force of plunging a toilet. They have a longer and narrower cup compared to the cup plunger.

Ball Plunger

The ball plunger, also known as the schneidplunger or the beehive plunger, is a specialized type of plunger used for unclogging toilets with a built-in trap in the toilet bowl. It features a rubber ball-shaped cup with multiple small suction holes. Ball plungers are designed to create a strong vacuum that can handle larger and more stubborn blockages. They have a firm base that allows for steady plunging action and maximum suction.

Taze Plunger

The taze plunger, also known as the tub plunger or the bellows plunger, is designed for unclogging bathtubs and showers. It features a rubber cup that is attached to a long plastic shaft with a T-shaped handle. The T-shaped handle allows for a comfortable grip and easy plunging action. Taze plungers are smaller in size compared to cup plungers, making them ideal for narrow drain openings. The flexible rubber cup and the long shaft allow for effective suction and pressure.

Air Pressure Plunger

The air pressure plunger, also known as the power plunger or the drain plunger, is a modern and innovative type of plunger. It uses compressed air to create a strong burst of pressure to unclog drains and toilets. Air pressure plungers usually come with a pump or a trigger mechanism that allows you to build up air pressure before releasing it into the drain or toilet. They are easy to use and do not require as much physical effort as traditional plungers. Air pressure plungers are suitable for all types of clogs and can be used on sinks, toilets, showers, and tubs.

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