What are the different types of canvas prints available?

What are the different types of canvas prints available featured

Types of Canvas Prints to Consider for Your Home Décor

Canvas prints have become a popular way of adding personality and charm to your living space. Before you order your canvas print, it’s important to understand the different types available. Here are five common types of canvas prints:

Rolled Canvas Print

A rolled canvas print is the most basic form of a canvas print. With this type of print, the canvas is stretched over a wooden frame, but it’s not wrapped around the sides of the frame. Rolled canvas prints are a good option if you plan on framing it yourself or if you want to store the canvas before displaying it.

Stretched Canvas Print

A stretched canvas print is similar to a rolled canvas print, except that the canvas is wrapped around the sides of the wooden frame. This gives it a more polished and finished look, and you have the option to display it without a frame.

Gallery Wrap Canvas Print

A gallery wrap canvas print is a type of stretched canvas print with a thicker frame. These prints make a bold statement and are perfect for large rooms or blank walls. Gallery wraps are the most commonly ordered type of canvas print.

Framed Canvas Print

A framed canvas print is a stretched canvas print that is then framed in a custom frame. This is perfect if you want a more traditional look or if you want to match your canvas print to your existing décor.

Multi-Panel Canvas Print

Multi-panel canvas prints are a unique way to display your photos or artwork. They consist of two or more canvas prints that can be hung together to make one image. This is perfect for panoramic photos or artwork.

Choosing the right type of canvas print for your home can make a significant difference in the overall feel and look of your space. Consider the size, style, and placement before choosing the perfect canvas print for your home.

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