What are the different types of cake shovels?

What are the different types of cake shovels featured

Types of Cake Shovels: A Guide to the Best Tools for Baking

Baking always requires the right tools for creating that perfect dish. And when it comes to baking cakes, having the right cake shovel is crucial. With so many different types of cake shovels available on the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one. In this article, we will guide you through the most common types of cake shovels and their uses to help you choose the best tool for baking your next cake.

The Traditional Cake Shovel

The traditional cake shovel is the most common type of cake shovel, and it is available in different sizes and shapes. Some are rounded, while others have a flat blade, and they come in different materials such as stainless steel or plastic. This type of cake shovel is ideal for beginners or for baking simple cakes, such as round cakes or layer cakes.

The Offset Cake Shovel

The offset cake shovel has a blade that is angled, making it easier to get into tight spaces for frosting or working around curves. This type of cake shovel is ideal for decorating cakes, especially those with intricate designs or decorations. Its offset design also helps prevent your hands from getting in the way of the cake while you work.

The Spatula Cake Shovel

The spatula cake shovel is ideal for frosting cakes or transferring delicate pastries from the baking sheet to the cooling rack. Its long, thin blade makes it easy to handle and maneuver around the cake, and its flexible design helps prevent the cake from breaking apart. This type of cake shovel is also great for spreading toppings or fillings evenly over the cake’s surface.

The Cranked-Handle Cake Shovel

The cranked-handle cake shovel is designed with a bent handle that allows you to easily lift and move cakes while keeping your hands away from the surface of the cake. Its flat blade is ideal for lifting cakes, such as loaf cakes or sheet cakes, while its bent handle ensures that your fingers don’t get in the way while you work.

The Cake Lifter

The cake lifter is a flat and wide blade that is specifically designed for transferring larger cakes from the baking sheet to the cooling rack or from the cooling rack to the serving platter. Its large, flat surface makes it easier to lift and move cakes without damaging them, and its long handle ensures that your hands stay safely away from the hot cake. This type of cake shovel is ideal for baking large cakes or multiple cakes at once.

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