What are the different sizes of staples available for staplers?

What are the different sizes of staples available for staplers featured

Standard Sizes of Staples for Staplers

Staplers are common office supplies that are used to bind papers together by driving a metal staple through the sheets. The size of the staple used in a stapler determines the thickness of the papers that can be bound. There are different sizes of staples available for staplers, ranging from small to large. Let’s take a look at the standard sizes of staples for staplers, their uses, and the types of staplers they are compatible with.

26/6 Staples

The most common size of staples used in staplers is 26/6. These staples are 6mm in length and have a width of 13.15mm. 26/6 staplers are suitable for binding up to 25 sheets of paper. They are commonly used in offices, schools, and home environments. These staples work well with most standard desktop staplers. You can easily find 26/6 staples in stationery stores or online retailers.

24/6 Staples

Another common size of staples is 24/6. These staples are slightly larger than 26/6 staples, with a length of 6mm and a width of 13.40mm. 24/6 staples are also capable of binding up to 20-25 sheets of paper. They are compatible with most standard staplers and are readily available in the market. These staples are suitable for everyday stapling tasks and are widely used in offices and schools.

23/8 Staples

For thicker documents or projects, 23/8 staples are a good option. These staples have a length of 8mm and a width of 13.50mm. They are capable of binding up to 50 sheets of paper, making them ideal for more heavy-duty stapling requirements. 23/8 staples are compatible with larger staplers, such as heavy-duty desktop staplers or electric staplers. These staples are commonly used in offices, schools, and in the printing and publishing industry.

13/6 Staples

For smaller stapling tasks or when binding just a few pages together, 13/6 staples are a suitable choice. These staples have a length of 6mm and a width of 7.70mm. They are compatible with mini staplers or compact staplers that can only bind a few sheets of paper at a time. 13/6 staples are commonly used as portable solutions or in situations where space is limited, such as when traveling or when using a pocket-sized stapler.

Other Staple Sizes

In addition to the standard staple sizes mentioned above, there are various other staple sizes available for specific stapling needs. For example, there are staples with longer lengths (e.g., 10mm, 12mm, 14mm) that are designed for stapling thicker documents or booklets. There are also specialized staples for staplers used in the construction industry or for upholstery work. These staples vary in size and shape, depending on the specific stapler and task at hand.

When purchasing staples for your stapler, it is important to check the compatibility of the staple size with your stapler model. Most staplers have recommended staple sizes mentioned in their user manuals or on their packaging. Using the wrong size of staples can lead to jamming or ineffective stapling. Therefore, it is always advisable to choose the right staple size for your stapler to ensure optimal performance and longevity of both the stapler and the staples.

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