What are the best ways to store dish towels in a small kitchen?

What are the best ways to store dish towels in a small kitchen featured

Maximizing Space: Storing Dish Towels in a Small Kitchen

Small kitchens are notorious for lacking adequate storage space. Every inch counts, making it essential to organize items in an efficient manner. Dish towels are something that most homeowners keep within reach, but struggle to store neatly when space is limited. Fortunately, there are several solutions to this common problem. The following tips outline the best ways to store dish towels in a small kitchen, maximizing your available space and keeping your kitchen clean and organized.

Utilize Cabinet Doors

When storage space is limited, it’s essential to take advantage of every available area. Installing hooks or towel bars onto the inside of cabinet doors can add valuable space to your kitchen. Hanging dish towels on the doors not only creates storage but also provides quick, easy access to the towels when needed. Plus, it minimizes clutter on countertops.

Install a Towel Rack

A towel rack can be installed almost anywhere in the kitchen, providing a place to hang dish towels, pot holders, and even utensils. Install a towel rack, towel bar, or hook on an empty wall, the side of cabinets, or even the underside of a shelf. Consider a magnetic bar which can hold metal pot lids in place while also providing another space to store dish towels.

Use a Basket

A basket can be an excellent solution to storing dish towels in a small kitchen. Place a basket on a shelf or even on the counter for easy access. Rolled towels kept in a basket also add texture and design to your space. Choose a basket with a handle for portability or one that fits snugly into an empty corner with plenty of room for towels.

Hang from the Ceiling

Hanging dish towels from the ceiling is a unique and stylish way to store them. Try hanging a tension rod from the ceiling and hanging dish towels on that. Another option is to attach a hook to the ceiling and hang towels from that. Ceiling-hanging may not work for everyone, but it is a great option for those who want to make a statement in their kitchen.

Hang on the Oven Door

The oven door is another surface where cooking towels and pot holders can be stored. Add hooks to the back of the oven door for space-saving storage. This solution is a convenient option for those without ample counter space. Just be careful not to store items that are flammable close to the heat source of the oven while cooking.

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