What are the best ways to store circular needles?

What are the best ways to store circular needles featured

Practical solutions for storing circular needles

Circular needles are essential tools for many knitters and crocheters, but they can quickly become a frustrating mess if not stored properly. Fortunately, there are several practical and innovative solutions for storing circular needles that can help keep them organized and in good condition. Here are some of the best ways to store circular needles.

A circular needle case

A circular needle case is a popular choice for many knitters and crocheters, as it offers a convenient and organized way to store a large number of needles. These cases often have clear plastic pockets or sleeves to hold each needle, and they can be rolled up or folded for easy transport. Some cases also have pockets for accessories like stitch markers, scissors, and tape measures. You can find circular needle cases online on sites like Etsy or in craft stores.

A hanging storage organizer

If you are tight on space, a hanging storage organizer may be the best option. You can easily mount it on the wall or an inside door and use it to store your circular needles along with other knitting or crocheting tools. Such organizers come in different sizes and designs, but the one with clear plastic pockets is the best because you can easily see the needles you need without opening any pockets. You can find hanging storage organizers online on sites like Amazon.

A binder with plastic sleeves

If you have a lot of circular needles, a binder with plastic sleeves can be a space-saving way to store them. They can be stored in numerical order or by size so you can easily find what you need. To further organize your needles, you might add dividers with labels such as “US size 6” or “16-inch length.” Binders with plastic sleeves are widely used for document storage, but you can also find those specifically designed for storing circular needles on sites like Your Family.

A plastic storage container with dividers

Another great solution for storing circular needles is a plastic storage container with dividers. You can get one with removable dividers, so you can customize the storage compartments to any size you need for your needles. The container must be transparent so you can easily see the contents without needing to dig through it. Some containers come with snap-tight lids to further secure your collection. You can find a wide variety of plastic storage containers with dividers online or in stores like Walmart.

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