What are the best suitcase brands for durability and reliability?

What are the best suitcase brands for durability and reliability featured

Top 5 Suitcase Brands for Durability and Reliability

When it comes to choosing a suitcase, durability and reliability are two key factors to consider. You want a suitcase that can withstand the rigors of travel and protect your belongings. With so many brands and options available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. To help you out, we have compiled a list of the top 5 suitcase brands known for their durability and reliability.


Samsonite is one of the most well-known and respected suitcase brands in the world. With a history dating back to 1910, they have gained a reputation for producing high-quality and durable suitcases. Their suitcases are built to last, with features such as strong zippers, durable handles, and reinforced corners. Samsonite offers a wide range of suitcases to suit different travel needs, from lightweight options for frequent flyers to hardshell suitcases for those who need extra protection. It’s no wonder why many travelers consider Samsonite to be the go-to brand for durability and reliability.


If you are a frequent traveler, you may already be familiar with Travelpro. This brand is known for its sturdy construction and exceptional durability. Travelpro suitcases are designed with the needs of frequent flyers in mind, featuring features such as high-quality wheels, durable handles, and strong fabrics. They also prioritize functionality, with features like multiple compartments and expandable designs. Travelpro suitcases have even been tested by pilots and flight attendants to ensure they can withstand the demanding conditions of air travel.

Briggs & Riley

Briggs & Riley is a brand that prides itself on producing suitcases that are built to last. Their suitcases are made from high-quality materials, such as ballistic nylon, that are resistant to tears, abrasions, and moisture. Briggs & Riley suitcases also come with a lifetime warranty, which speaks to the brand’s confidence in the durability and reliability of their products. Many travelers appreciate the attention to detail and innovative features that Briggs & Riley incorporates into their suitcases, such as expansion systems and compression technology.


Rimowa is a German luggage brand that is synonymous with quality and durability. Their suitcases are known for their sleek and minimalist designs, as well as their robust construction. Rimowa suitcases are made from high-quality materials, such as aluminum and polycarbonate, that are incredibly durable and resistant to scratches. They also feature innovative design elements, like their signature grooves, which add strength and stability to the suitcase. Rimowa is a preferred choice among frequent travelers and luxury travelers who value both style and durability.


Delsey is a French luggage brand that has been around for over 70 years. They are known for their reliable and durable suitcases that offer excellent value for money. Delsey suitcases are designed to withstand the wear and tear of travel, with features such as robust zippers, reinforced corners, and strong fabrics. Many Delsey suitcases also come with innovative features like built-in TSA locks and expandable compartments. With a wide range of styles and sizes available, Delsey offers something for every traveler’s needs and preferences.

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