What are the best exercises for inline skating?

What are the best exercises for inline skating featured

Inline skating, also known as rollerblading, is a very popular activity that is not only fun but also has numerous health benefits. It is an excellent aerobic exercise that strengthens the muscles in your legs, core, and arms. Inline skating is a low-impact exercise that is easy on your joints and can burn up to 600 calories per hour. In this article, we will explore the best exercises for inline skating.

Forward Skating

This is the most basic exercise for inline skating, and it involves gliding forward on your skates. Start by standing with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, and push off with one foot while shifting your weight onto the other foot. Glide forward and repeat with the other foot. This exercise will help you build balance and develop a strong foundation for more advanced skating techniques.


Cross-training exercises are essential for building the right muscles for inline skating. Leg strength, balance, and flexibility are important to develop and maintain for smoother skating. For instance, running, cycling, and swimming will enhance your cardiovascular fitness, and doing squats, lunges, and calf raises will strengthen the muscles crucial for inline skating.

Backward Skating

Backward skating is another important exercise for inline skating. Start by getting into the basic skating stance and then lean backward, pushing off with one skate and then the other. Keep your knees bent and your core engaged. With time, you can work on mastering this exercise and then move on to more advanced backward skating maneuvers.

Slalom Skating

Slalom skating is a form of inline skating where you weave in and out of cones. It improves your footwork, balance, and agility. You can set up cones in your front yard, or you can join a skating club to learn and practice this exercise with others. Slalom skating is best suited for intermediate and advanced skaters.

High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

HIIT is a type of workout where you alternate between periods of high-intensity exercise and rest. It is a great way to improve your endurance, speed, and power, which are all important for inline skating. You can try HIIT workouts on your skates, such as skating at a high intensity for 30 seconds and then resting for 30 seconds, and repeat for a total of 3-5 sets.

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