What are the best drum sticks for jazz?

What are the best drum sticks for jazz featured

Jazz is a unique genre of music that requires precision, speed, and control from the drummer. Therefore, choosing the right drum sticks is essential to achieving the desired sound and technique. But with so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect pair of drum sticks for jazz. In this article, we will discuss the best drum sticks for jazz based on their material, size, weight, and tip.

Material: Hickory

Hickory is the most commonly used material in drum stick manufacturing due to its durability, resilience, and responsiveness. For jazz drumming, hickory sticks with a medium to large barrel tip are recommended to provide a fuller and warmer sound. Promark’s Hickory 7A Wood Tip Drumstick is a popular choice among jazz drummers for its balance and versatility.

Size: 7A

When it comes to size, the 7A drum stick is the go-to option for jazz drumming. Its thinner diameter (about 0.5 inches) and lighter weight make it ideal for rapid, intricate playing while maintaining a delicate touch. Vic Firth’s 7A Nylon Tip Drumstick is a top pick for jazz drummers for its precision and articulation.

Weight: Light

Jazz drumming requires finesse and subtlety in the touch, which is why lighter drum sticks are typically favored. A lightweight drum stick allows the drummer to play with more speed and control without sacrificing sound quality. The Vic Firth 5A Jazz Nylon Tip Drumstick, which is slightly lighter than a traditional 5A, is a great option for jazz drummers.

Tip: Barrel

The tip of a drum stick has a significant impact on the sound and articulation produced. Jazz drummers often gravitate towards drum sticks with round or barrel-shaped tips as they provide a warmer, more rounded sound on cymbals and drums. The Vater Manhattan 7A Wood Tip Drumstick with its medium-sized barrel tip is a popular choice for jazz drumming.


Choosing the best drum sticks for jazz is a personal preference that will vary depending on the drummer’s style, technique, and sound preference. However, hickory material, 7A size, lightweight, and barrel tips are characteristics commonly found in the best drum sticks for jazz. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, experimenting with different sticks can help you find the perfect pair for your jazz drumming needs.

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