What are the best drum sticks for electronic drums?

What are the best drum sticks for electronic drums featured

Drummers: Here’s What to Look for in Electronic Drumstick Selection

Electronic drum kits are a beloved choice of drummers due to their versatility, quieter volume, and versatility. But what drumsticks work best with these high-tech drumming machines? In this article, we’ll explore what drummers should consider when selecting the best drumsticks to use with electronic drums.

Weight and Length Aren’t Always One-Size-Fits-All

Electronic drums require drummers to make some adjustments to their playing style, and that includes changing the weight of the drumsticks used. Thick, heavy sticks don’t feel right when striking electronic drum pads, and instead, create a dull thud instead of pronounced percussion hits. Lighter sticks, generally no heavier than a 5A, are the optimal choice for electronic drumming. However, some models, such as the Vic Firth American Classic 7A Drumsticks, feature extended lengths —in this case, .532” instead of .5”— for drummers seeking more reach and an alternative grip.

Stick Material Affects Electricity Transfer

While there is no such thing as a drumstick specifically designed for electronic drums, the material the sticks are made out of will indeed affect how you interact with the kit. Wooden sticks, such as those made from hickory or oak, absorb vibrations from the cymbals and pads and transmit them into the drum stick. This vibrations reduction affects your performance and creates unwanted feedback, so selecting drumsticks made of materials like nylon or plastic will eliminate that repercussion.

Budget vs Quality, and Finding the Sweet Spot

Drumsticks can be affordable, or they can be costly, and it’s not always clear what the difference is. Ideally, the best electronic drumsticks for most drummers will offer a good return on investment, usually falling around the $10-20 mark. You don’t want to go too cheap, as the quality and durability of your drumsticks will suffer, but you don’t need to overspend on the most expensive models, either. Checking customer reviews and reputable sources, like Music Radar’s list of the best drumsticks of 2021, can help you zero in on the best-priced product with high-end features.

Consider Your Drumming Style and Genre

Another critical factor in choosing the right electronic drumsticks is to reflect on your playing style, genre choice, and the specific electronic drum model you own. Beginner drummers with a lighter touch may use different sticks compared to jazz or metal drummers who need harder-hitting, long-lasting options. Likewise, the stick selection varies on the type of drum pad you use. Mesh head pads may work better with the lighter sticks mentioned earlier, but rubber pads may require a bit more heft.

Ultimately, the best electronic drumsticks will be comfortable, budget-friendly, and optimized for reliable performance on your electronic drum kit. And don’t forget to consult reputable sources and consult with other drummers when trying new sticks!

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