What are some unique features found in modern clipboards?

What are some unique features found in modern clipboards featured

In today’s digital age, clipboards have undergone a major transformation. Gone are the days of traditional clipboards made of wood or plastic with metal clips. Now clipboards come with a wide range of unique features that make them versatile and multifunctional. This article will explore some of the unique features found in modern clipboards.

Digital Clipboards

Digital clipboards have become increasingly popular, especially in the healthcare industry. These clipboards allow medical professionals to take patient notes directly on the device without having to transfer them to a computer. They also offer features such as dictation, handwriting recognition, and secure storage of patient data. One such digital clipboard is the Clio by Preventice Solutions.[1]

Storage Compartments

Another unique feature found in modern clipboards is storage. They now come with compartments to store pens, pencils, calculators, and other supplies. This feature allows users to carry all their essential tools in one place, making them ideal for working on the go. One such clipboard with storage compartments is the Officemate OIC Low Profile Clip Plastic Clipboard.[2]

Built-in Calculators

Some modern clipboards come with built-in calculators, making them ideal for people in fields such as finance and accounting. With this feature, users can perform calculations on the spot without having to carry a separate calculator. One example of a clipboard with a built-in calculator is the Saunders WorkMate II Poly Clipboard.[3]

Whiteboard Surface

Whiteboard surface clipboards are another popular feature of modern clipboards. These clipboards have a whiteboard surface that allows users to write and erase easily with dry-erase markers. This feature makes them ideal for people in education and other fields where writing and drawing are essential. One such clipboard is the 5-inch x 8-inch Dry Erase Clipboard by Officemate OIC.[4]

Ergonomic Design

Finally, modern clipboards have an ergonomic design that makes them comfortable to hold and use. They come in various shapes and sizes with rubberized grips that reduce hand fatigue. Furthermore, they now have low profile clips that are less likely to snag or get caught on clothing. One such clipboard is the Saunders SlimMate Plastic Clipboard.[5]

The clipboard has come a long way since its inception. The above unique features are just a few examples of how modern clipboards have become versatile, multifunctional, and designed for different purposes. With these features, modern clipboards have become an essential tool for different industries and professions.

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