What are some tips for hanging a Christmas garland?

What are some tips for hanging a Christmas garland featured

TIP 1: Choose the Right Location

Before you begin hanging your Christmas garlands, it’s important to decide where you want to display them. Traditional spots include mantels, staircases, and front doors. For mantels and staircases, make sure the garlands are evenly draped and don’t disrupt any decor items. For front doors, consider using suction cups or hooks that won’t damage the door, and position your garland securely to avoid it being battered by the wind.

TIP 2: Measure Your Space

Make sure you measure the length of the area where you plan to hang your Christmas garland. This will help you determine how long your garlands should be and how many you will need to cover the space. Planning this in advance will prevent any frustrating last-minute trips to the store for more garlands or having to cut them short because they are too long.

TIP 3: Use the Right Hooks

To keep your garlands secure, use the right hooks for the type of surface you’re hanging them on. For mantels and staircases, use clear adhesive strips, which will blend in with the wall and won’t damage the surface. For doors or outdoor spaces, use suction cups or hooks that can be easily removed or adjusted, but won’t fall down in the wind.

TIP 4: Prep Your Garland

Prior to hanging your garland, inspect it for any weak spots or areas that may be prone to sagging. Once you have identified these areas, reinforce them with wire or insert support hooks. By prepping your garland, you’ll avoid any sagging or drooping, and ensure it looks full and beautiful throughout the holiday season.

TIP 5: Add Lights and Accessories

A key aspect of decorating with garlands for Christmas is incorporating lighting and accessories such as ornaments, ribbons and bows. To add lights, you can either string them along your garland or use pre-lit garlands. Consider adding ribbons and bows to the ends of your garlands, and placing ornaments strategically throughout the length of the garland. Be sure to step back occasionally, and assess your handiwork from a distance to ensure that the design is balanced and symmetrical.

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