What are some nail polish colors that flatter dark skin tones?

What are some nail polish colors that flatter dark skin tones featured

Nail Polish Colors for Dark Skin Tones

Choosing the right nail polish color can be a daunting task, especially if you have a darker skin tone. With so many hues to choose from, it’s important to know which shades compliment your complexion the most. Here are some of the best nail polish colors that flatter dark skin tones.

Deep Reds

One of the most timeless nail polish colors for any skin tone is deep red. For darker skin tones, deeper shades of red such as burgundy or merlot work best as they bring out the richness in the skin. Reds that lean towards blue undertones are also recommended as they complement cool-toned skin.

Bright Oranges

Bright, bold nail polish colors can be intimidating for some, but for darker skin tones, they work exceptionally well. Bright orange hues such as tangerine or coral bring a vibrancy to the skin without making it look washed out. These shades make a bold statement and look great for both casual and formal events.

Shades of Purple

Purple shades range anywhere from light lavenders to deep purples. Fortunately, shades of purple work great for darker skin tones. Darker shades such as eggplant or plum are a perfect selection as they complement the rich undertones of the skin. As for lighter purple shades, you can opt for lilac or lavender hues which provide a subtle contrast to darker skin tones.


Metallic nail polish shades such as gold or bronze are a perfect addition to any glam look. For darker skin tones, coppery shades work especially well. These colors bring out the warm undertones of the skin, providing a terrific contrast. Smokey shades such as gunmetal silver also make for an excellent option and look particularly fetching on darker skin.

Greens and Blues

Finally, don’t be afraid to try blues or greens. These shades of nail polishes bring a wave of freshness to one’s look. For darker skin tones, emerald green or teal are a great option. Teal is highly recommended as it offers a delightful contrast to darker skin tones. For those who are looking for something subtler, you can opt for cool-toned pastel blues that will not overpower your complexion.

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