What are some modern twists on traditional candlestick holder designs?

What are some modern twists on traditional candlestick holder designs featured


Candlesticks have been used for centuries to hold candles and brought a warm ambiance to homes around the world. Nowadays, with modern upgrades in design and materials, candlestick holders offer new twists to the traditional style. With an increasing number of people seeking unique pieces, designers have evolved the traditional candlestick holder to meet the new age.

Geometric designs

Geometric designs have become increasingly popular in the art world, and it has positively reflected in the modern candlestick holder design. The use of triangles, pyramids, and cubes in some designs of candlesticks will make it a unique piece on every table or room it is placed. An excellent example is the stunning hand-carved geometric wooden candlestick holder from Etsy. This geometric candlestick holder emits light and shadow, making it an excellent addition to any room.

Repurposed materials

Some ingenious designers are repurposing materials that are not conventionally associated with candlestick manufacturers. Woodworker Mark Vrinzen repurposes old skateboards to create groovy, colorful candlestick holders. The skateboard’s hardwood layers are perfect for rendering multiple levels to hold candles, revealing an unconventional and unique look to its users. Other designers use discarded or reclaimed metal to create new interpretations of traditional candlestick holders, often resulting in an industrial or urban feel.

Stacked designs

Stacked designs are innovative takes on the traditional candlestick holder design. With one candlestick holder affixed on top of the other, the cylindrical shape makes them easy to stack. Using materials like wood or metal, stacked candlestick holders can be made in various shapes and sizes, allowing for creativity and freshness to unfurl. The stacked design masters form and function and accommodates a variety of candle sizes.

Wall-mounted holders

Wall-mounted candlestick holders take candlesticks off tables and open up space while adding interest to the room. Seeking something stylish yet understated? A wood and leather wall-mounted candlestick holder from West Elm could be exactly what you are searching for. These candlestick holders not only attach to the wall but can also be adjusted to fit a range of different candle sizes.

In conclusion, it is easy to see how modern twists on traditional candlestick holder designs have taken the world by storm. Designers have become more creative with their designs, using a breadth of materials and exploring unconventional sizes, shapes, and types. Adding a candlestick holder to a living space transforms the vibe to a warm and cozy one, exhibiting an aura of charm and tranquility.

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