What are some good online dictionaries for kids?

What are some good online dictionaries for kids featured

Best Online Dictionaries for Kids

As children, we all had our favorite books, movies, and games, but what about dictionaries? Finding a good online dictionary for kids can be a daunting task, especially with so many options available. Here are five of the best online dictionaries for kids that are easy to use and provide accurate definitions.

Oxford Dictionaries for Kids

Oxford Dictionaries for Kids is one of the most popular online dictionaries for kids. It offers easy-to-understand definitions, games, and activities, making it an interactive and engaging resource for children. Additionally, it has a Word of the Day feature, which helps children learn new words every day.

Merriam-Webster Kids

Merriam-Webster Kids is another top-rated online dictionary for kids. It offers simple definitions with examples, pronunciation guides, and a built-in thesaurus. Children can also play vocabulary games and learn interesting facts about words through its word history feature.

Kids Wordsmyth

Kids Wordsmyth is an online dictionary designed specifically for children. It offers an easy-to-use interface, audio pronunciations, and sentence examples to help children understand words in context. Additionally, it features a visual thesaurus that displays synonyms and antonyms in a fun and interactive way.

Dictionary.com for Kids

Dictionary.com is a popular online dictionary for adults, but it also has a tailored version for kids. It offers straightforward definitions, spelling help, and a word discovery section to help children expand their vocabulary. Moreover, it has an accompanying app that can be downloaded for free, making it accessible from anywhere.


Vocabulary.com is an online dictionary that provides engaging vocabulary lessons for children. It offers personalized quizzes and games that are tailored to each child’s level and progress. The website uses an adaptive learning algorithm that adjusts the difficulty of the questions based on the child’s performance. This ensures that the child is continually challenged and remains engaged in the learning process.

In conclusion, having a good online dictionary for kids is essential for their language development. The aforementioned websites are some of the best online dictionaries for kids that provide engaging and interactive learning experiences.

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