What are some fun Nutcracker crafts for kids?

What are some fun Nutcracker crafts for kids featured

Make Nutcracker-themed ornaments

One easy Nutcracker craft that kids can enjoy making is ornaments. Start by purchasing unfinished wooden nutcracker ornaments at your local craft store. Then, have your child paint the nutcracker in their favorite colors. To add some sparkle, use adhesive jewels or glitter glue. Once the nutcracker is fully decorated, attach a ribbon or string for hanging on the tree. Not only is this a fun craft, but it can also become a cherished family ornament for years to come.


Create a cardboard Nutcracker puppet

Another engaging Nutcracker craft for kids is creating a cardboard Nutcracker puppet. Start by tracing and cutting out the Nutcracker’s basic shapes onto a cardboard box. Then, have your child decorate the Nutcracker using markers, paint, and other craft supplies. Once the decoration is complete, attach craft sticks to the back of the Nutcracker figure. Your child can use the sticks to hold up the Nutcracker and bring it to life as a puppet.

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Make Nutcracker ballerina tutus

For a more immersive Nutcracker craft, have your child make a ballerina tutu inspired by the Nutcracker ballet. Start by gathering tulle, ribbon, and sequins in your child’s favorite colors. Then, help them cut the tulle into strips you can use to make the tutu. Once the tutu is complete, add some ribbon or sequins to add a touch of sparkle. Your child can put on their tutu and act out their favorite parts of the ballet while they play.

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Create Nutcracker-themed dioramas

For kids who love to create a mini-world of their own, making a Nutcracker-themed diorama is an ideal craft. Start by finding a box that your child can decorate and make into their stage. Once the stage is complete, have your child create their own Nutcracker-themed story using dolls and other miniature toys. They can act out the story in the diorama for fun and imagination that’s unique and even more exciting for them.

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Make Nutcracker Christmas cards

Lastly, making Nutcracker-themed Christmas cards is a classic craft that kids can enjoy. All you need is some cardstock paper, colored pencils, markers, and other decorations your child likes, like sequins or glitter. Have your child draw or print out Nutcracker images and attach them to the cardstock. Then, they can personalize the card with their festive designs. These cards can send to loved ones to celebrate the magic of Christmas.

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