What are some easy ways to update old cupboards?

What are some easy ways to update old cupboards featured

Upgrade Hardware

One of the simplest ways to update old cupboards is to upgrade the hardware. By switching out old, worn, or dated handles and knobs with newer, more modern or stylish options, your cupboards can transform with little effort. Additionally, you can replace hinges, which will not only compliment your new hardware but may also help to fix any sagging doors. Look for hardware styles that fit the overall decor of your kitchen for the best result.

Paint or Refinish

Painting or refinishing your cupboards can be a cost-effective way to update their appearance. You can change the color or finish, which can make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen. You can also sand the doors down and paint them in a two-tone style for a more modern feel. Refinishing means sanding and adding a new coat of finish, which could include a new stain or paint, depending on your preference.

Glass Inserts

By adding glass inserts to the doors of your cupboards, you can make them stand out and add personality to your kitchen. You could opt for frosted or stained glass, which could partially conceal the contents of your kitchen cupboard or install clear glass for your favorite dishes or china. Glass inserts can also create a more open and spacious feel to your kitchen!

Interior Lighting

Installing interior lighting in your cupboards can add visual appeal, warmth, and functionality to your cupboards. You can install LED lights that typically last longer and are energy efficient. While some homeowners might stick with traditional incandescent bulbs since it gives off more warmth and better accent lighting, it’s all about personal preference here. Choose a style that matches your kitchen decor, and your cupboards will shine both day and night.

Contact a Professional Cabinet Refacing Company

Finally, when you’re ready to improve the appearance of your kitchen cabinets, but you aren’t sure where to start, you can contact a professional cabinet refacing company. Cabinet refacing involves replacing only the doors, hardware, and refinishing the exterior of the existing cabinets while keeping the current cabinet boxes intact. This may be a cost-effective solution to update your cupboards while also saving you time with minimal mess.

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