What are some easy craft stick projects for kids?

What are some easy craft stick projects for kids featured

Simple Photo Frame

Craft sticks can be used to create a simple photo frame that your child will be proud to display on their bedroom wall. Start by cutting nine craft sticks to the same length and arranging them in a square shape. Glue the corners and allow them to dry completely. Paint the frame, add a photo, and your child has created a unique piece of art that also displays a cherished memory.

Popsicle Stick Puppets

Kids can express their creativity by making popsicle stick puppets. Gather a variety of craft materials such as pom-poms, yarn, and googly eyes. Paint or color the sticks and glue on the decorations to create characters. Your child can use their new puppets for imaginative play, putting on a puppet show, or even as decorations for their room.

DIY Bird Feeder

Help your child make a DIY bird feeder that will attract feathered friends to your yard. Cut a craft stick in half and glue them vertically to the back of a wider craft stick. Paint the feeder in bright colors and attach a piece of string for hanging. Fill the feeder with birdseed and hang it outside for a front row seat to birdwatching.

Bookmark Buddy

Kids who love to read will enjoy creating a bookmark buddy. Cut a craft stick in half and glue a pom-pom or felt ball on the end of one half to represent the head. Glue yarn for hair and googly eyes onto the top. Decorate the other half of the stick with markers or stickers to make clothing. The bookmark buddy can hold your child’s place in their favorite book and be a companion as they read.

Build a Tower

Building a tower from craft sticks can help develop your child’s motor skills while promoting creativity. All you need to do is give your child a pile of craft sticks and challenge them to build the tallest tower they can. Encourage them to experiment with different designs and structures. This activity can be done individually or with a friend or sibling.

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