What are some decorative ashtray options for home use?

What are some decorative ashtray options for home use featured

Upgrade Your Home with These Decorative Ashtray Options

Smoking is a personal choice and if you’re a smoker or have guests who smoke, it’s essential to have an ashtray in your home. However, ashtrays don’t have to be boring or unsightly. There are plenty of decorative ashtray options available that can upgrade the overall look of your home while also providing a functional way to dispose of cigarette ash and butts. Here are some options to consider:

Crystal Ashtrays

If you want to add some luxury to your smoking experience, a crystal ashtray is an excellent choice. These ashtrays come in different shapes and sizes and are made of high-quality crystal that adds elegance to any space. You can find crystal ashtrays with intricate designs and patterns or opt for a simple, yet chic, design.

Vintage or Antique Ashtrays

If you’re a collector of vintage or antique items, adding an ashtray to your collection is a great way to display your passion. Vintage or antique ashtrays can add character and charm to any room, and you can find unique pieces from different eras and styles. Look for ashtrays made of precious metals, such as silver or bronze, or opt for one with a unique design or shape.

Outdoor Ashtrays

If you like to smoke outdoors or have a designated smoking area in your yard, an outdoor ashtray is a must-have. These ashtrays are designed to withstand different weather conditions and are made of durable materials that are easy to clean. You can find outdoor ashtrays in different styles and sizes, such as freestanding ashtrays or bolt-on ashtrays that attach to a wall or a pole.

Multi-Purpose Ashtrays

If you want to have an ashtray that doubles as a decorative or functional piece, consider a multi-purpose ashtray. These ashtrays come with additional features to serve a different purpose, such as a built-in lighter or a slot to hold your smartphone or jewelry. You can find multi-purpose ashtrays in different designs and styles, and they are a great way to maximize your space while adding a decorative touch to your home.

Ceramic Ashtrays

If you’re looking for an ashtray that’s both functional and decorative, a ceramic ashtray is an excellent option. Ceramic ashtrays come in different shapes and sizes and are often handcrafted, which gives them a unique, artistic quality. You can find ceramic ashtrays with whimsical designs or intricate patterns, and they are a great way to add a pop of color to your space.

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