What are some considerations for divers who wear glasses?

What are some considerations for divers who wear glasses featured

Understanding the Issue

Being a diver and wearing corrective eyeglasses can create certain complications that must be addressed. Water creates a slight magnifying effect which a diver must contend with to see underwater properly. For individuals suffering from vision problems, not wearing corrective eyewear during a dive means that they will miss out on a large chunk of underwater beauty – this is where prescription scuba diving masks become an important accessory. Nevertheless, before you dive into purchasing such a mask, there are some things to consider.

Getting Accurate Prescription

Before ordering a prescription mask, make sure to have an up-to-date prescription. It’s easy to wind up with faulty prescription mask lenses if you utilize an outdated set of glasses. Irrespective of where you purchase the mask, it’s crucial to utilize an accurate prescription from a qualified eye care provider. To ensure that you receive an accurate prescription, visit an eye care provider, get a prescription, and then source a dive mask that accurately matches your prescription in collaboration with your eye care provider.

Choosing the Suitable Mask

When shopping for a prescription mask, it’s crucial to consider the kind of diving that you engage in often. For instance, do you typically snorkel close to the water’s surface, or do you enjoy deep-sea diving? If you engage in deep-sea diving, you’ll need a mask that is designed for such depths. Additionally, consider the shape of your face; not all masks fit every face.Dive masks come in various sizes, shapes, and features, so selecting one that matches you snugly is the key to having an enjoyable diving experience.

Cost vs Quality

A typical prescription mask costs significantly more than a regular dive mask. The cost of the mask’s frames or lenses may also cause the cost to rise based on the type of lens material applied. Highly specialized lenses with unusual coatings or tints might add costs or ruin the accuracy of the prescription. A prescription mask is a significant investment, so make sure to choose high-quality materials when deciding. Simple, high-quality lenses in a frame that fits well are the most critical factors.

Caring for Your Mask

Since you’re wearing your dive mask frequently, it’s crucial to clean and maintain it after each dive. When maintaining and cleaning the mask, use a lens cleaner intended for dive masks. Avoid utilizing abrasive materials like paper towels or your shirt to clean the lenses, as these can damage the coating on the lenses. Rinse the mask in warm freshwater after diving, then air dry it with the lenses encountering up to guarantee that any water drops drain out. Keeping the mask in a protective case or container when not in use can help minimize scratches and other damages that might impair its effectiveness.

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