What are some common paper clip designs?

What are some common paper clip designs featured

Standard Paper Clip Design

The most common paper clip design is the standard shape that comes to mind when you think of a paper clip. It consists of two loops of wire that are folded in the middle to create a level surface for gripping papers. This design is simple and effective, making it popular for everyday use.

Gem Paper Clip Design

The gem paper clip design is another popular choice. It features a triangular shape with two parallel loops, similar to the standard paper clip design. The gem paper clip is named after the company that first patented this design in the late 19th century. This design is known for its ability to hold papers securely while also adding a touch of elegance to documents.

Double Oval Paper Clip Design

The double oval paper clip design is a variation of the standard design. Instead of two separate loops, it features two oval-shaped loops that are connected and overlapping. This design provides a larger surface area for holding papers, making it useful for holding thicker stacks of documents or items that need extra security.

Butterfly or Foldback Paper Clip Design

The butterfly or foldback paper clip design is distinct from other designs with its unique shape. It consists of two triangular arms connected at the top and bottom by a spring or flexible metal band. The arms can be folded outward to hold papers and folded inward for easy removal. This design is often used for securing larger stacks of paper or for holding items that need frequent access.

Plastic Coated Paper Clip Design

The plastic coated paper clip design is a variation of the standard design that includes a plastic coating on the metal wire. This coating adds several benefits, including increased durability, reduced risk of scratching or damaging papers, and enhanced grip. Plastic coated paper clips are available in various colors, making them popular for organizing documents and adding a touch of personalization.

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