What are some common mistakes to avoid while ironing clothes?

What are some common mistakes to avoid while ironing clothes featured

Not Knowing the Fabric Type

Ironing is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Different fabric types require different ironing temperatures, ironing techniques, and even ironing tools. Using the wrong temperature can damage your clothes and result in permanent wrinkles. To avoid this mistake, always check the care label on your clothes before ironing to determine the appropriate temperature.

Forgetting to Clean Your Iron

If you haven’t cleaned your iron in a while, it can collect grime that can transfer onto your clothes as you iron them. To avoid this, take a few minutes to clean your iron before working on any clothes. Using a mixture of water and vinegar is an effective way to remove any dirt or residue from the surface of your iron. After cleaning your iron, ensure that you always use a clean and dry ironing board cover and cloth to prevent any further stains or dirt on your clothes.

Over-ironing a Particular Spot

Ironing one particular spot on your clothes for too long can lead to damage or cause a burn mark. This usually happens when the iron is left on one spot for more than 10 seconds. To prevent this mistake, always keep the iron moving in a circular motion or in a straight line to ensure that no spot gets too much heat. Additionally, ensure the steam setting on your iron is activated to help move the iron around quickly and evenly on your clothing.

Ironing Over Embellishments, Prints or Dye

Ironing over embellishments, prints, and dye deposits can ruin your clothes. These items can melt, fade or transfer their color onto the iron, which can then transfer onto other clothes you iron. To avoid this, iron items inside-out or place a white cloth over the embellishment or print while ironing to prevent any damage or discoloration.

Not Starching Shirts or Ironing Them Inside Out

Not starching your shirts or ironing them inside-out can cause permanent wrinkles on the item. Starching shirts helps them retain their quality and shape, while ironing the shirt inside out ensures the iron doesn’t leave marks outside. This mistake can also impact your appearance when you wear the clothing. The last thing anyone wants is to walk out with a wrinkled shirt after putting so much effort into your outfit.

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