What are some common mistakes to avoid when using hair clippers?

What are some common mistakes to avoid when using hair clippers featured

Not Oiling the Blades

One common mistake people make when using hair clippers is not oiling the blades. This can cause the blades to become dull or even rust over time, leading to an inefficient haircut. To avoid this mistake, be sure to oil your clippers regularly, especially before and after each use. Use clipper oil or any lightweight oil designed for clippers, applying a few drops to the blades and running the clippers for a few seconds to distribute the oil.

Choosing the Wrong Blade Size

Another mistake people make is choosing the wrong blade size for the job. Different blade sizes are designed for different hair lengths, so it’s important to select the appropriate size for the haircut you want. Using the wrong blade can result in uneven cuts and possible injury. Consult the manual or a professional hair stylist for guidance on which blade size is right for your desired haircut length.

Cutting Against the Grain

One other common mistake is cutting against the grain of the hair. While it may seem counterintuitive, cutting against the grain can actually cause the hair to appear uneven or jagged. Instead, always cut with the grain, in the same direction as the hair grows. This will help to achieve a smooth, even haircut.

Neglecting to Clean Your Clippers

Over time, hair clippers can become clogged with hair, dirt, and oil, leading to a subpar performance. Neglecting to clean your clippers can also result in the spread of germs and bacteria, which can cause infections. To avoid this mistake, clean your clippers regularly by brushing off loose hair and wiping the blades with a disinfectant solution. Be sure to also remove the blade and clean the housing area as needed.

Rushing the Haircut

Finally, one major mistake to avoid is rushing through the haircut. Taking your time and going slowly can help to ensure a more even and precise cut, while also reducing the risk of injury. Rushing can also lead to missed spots or areas of unevenness. Take your time and be patient, especially if you are new to using hair clippers or trying a new technique.

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