What are some common features of an English language learners (ELL) dictionary?

What are some common features of an English language learners ELL dictionary featured

What is an English Language Learners (ELL) Dictionary?

English Language Learners (ELL) dictionary is a resource that helps people who are learning English as a second language. ELL dictionaries differ from regular dictionaries in many ways. The target audience, the types of vocabulary they contain, the definitions, and example sentences are customized to make them accessible to non-native English speakers.

Features of an ELL Dictionary

ELL dictionaries contain a set of features that help language learners in their learning. One of the most important features is the inclusion of definitions that are easy to understand. Dictionary definitions are usually complex, with lots of jargon that can be difficult to understand. ELL dictionaries use simple language to explain words, to make it easy for learners to understand the meaning.

Another key feature of an ELL dictionary is the inclusion of phonetic symbols, which helps learners pronounce words. Pronouncing new words correctly is a crucial step in language learning, and phonetic symbols help learners get the pronunciation right. ELL dictionaries are also likely to have images, illustrations, and examples sentences that help learners understand how words are used in context.

The Importance of Part-of-Speech and Word Usage

Since ELL dictionaries are designed for language learners, they often include information on verb tenses and other different parts of speech. This information is important because it helps learners understand the context in which the word is to be used. An ELL dictionary may also include collocations, prepositions, or idioms commonly used in the English language.

Online vs. Printed ELL Dictionaries

There are different versions of ELL dictionaries. Online ELL dictionaries allow people to type in a word and get a definition instantaneously. An example of an online ELL dictionary is Oxford Learners Dictionary. Printed ELL dictionaries, on the other hand, are books that people buy and carry around. Printed dictionaries tend to be more comprehensive, with more detailed information and multiple meanings.

An English Language Learners dictionary is an essential resource for students learning English as a foreign language. It comes with features that regular dictionaries do not have, including clear definitions, illustrated examples, and phonetic symbols to aid pronunciation. As the demand for ELL dictionaries grows, we are likely to see more innovative features that cater to the learning needs of non-native speakers.

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