What are some common accessories worn with a kimono?

What are some common accessories worn with a kimono featured

Accessories that Complete a Kimono Look

The Japanese kimono is a traditional garment widely recognized for its recognizable style and silhouette. While the main garment has a unique design in itself, it’s the accessories’ addition that gives it a complete look. The beauty is in the details of these accessories, and while some are more popular than others, they often share the same cultural significance and importance. Here are some of the most common accessories worn with a kimono.

Obi Belts

The obi is a wide sash tied around the waist, usually accompanied by the kimono. It’s arguably the most recognizable accessory due to its vibrant colors and intricate designs. There are multiple styles of an obi, but the most popular ones include the Nagoya, Fuku, and Hanhaba obi. The Nagoya is the most common and worn with informal kimonos, while the Fuku and Hanhaba are shorter in length, worn with informal kimonos.

Zori or Geta Footwear

The footwear worn with kimono is known as zori or geta. Both styles have a distinct appearance but have a similar purpose of being comfortable and functional. Zori sandals are made of lacquered straw, while geta is made of wooden soles with leather straps. With Japan’s hot and humid climate, these breathable and lightweight options are ideal for the summer season and allows for easy movement while wearing the kimono.

Kimono Handbags and Purses

Kimono handbags and purses add an elegant touch to the outfit with their ornate designs and intricate details. Unlike the standard western handbags, Kimono handbags are typically smaller and come in a variety of shapes to complement the outfit. Women specifically wear kinchaku, a drawstring pouch and kago or bamboo basket to carry essentials while dressed in the kimono.

Hair Accessories

The typical Japanese hairstyle for women includes a traditional bun or long hair worn down. Hair accessories are essential in keeping the hairstyle in place while adding a pop of color to the overall outfit. The kanzashi and hana kanzashi are the most popular hair accessories worn with the kimono. The kanzashi includes small combs used to hold the hair in place, while the hana kanzashi features floral motifs made from natural materials such as wood and fabric.

The combination of the kimono and its accessories is what makes the outfit so special. The delicate details and vibrant colors offer a peek into the rich Japanese culture while creating a unique fashion statement. With the right selection of accessories, the kimono can be worn to formal events or styled for casual day wear.

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