What are some Christmas tree safety tips?

What are some Christmas tree safety tips featured

Choose the right tree

The first step in Christmas tree safety is choosing the right tree. Artificial trees are a safer option because they don’t dry out like real trees, reducing the risk of fire. However, if you opt for a real tree, make sure it’s fresh. A fresh tree will have green needles that are hard to pull off and won’t break when bent.

Keep it hydrated

Once you’ve chosen your tree, make sure to keep it hydrated. A dry tree is a fire hazard waiting to happen. Make a fresh cut on the bottom of the trunk and keep it in a stand with water. Check the water daily and refill it as needed.

Place it in a safe spot

Where you put your tree is also important for safety. Keep it away from heat sources like fireplaces, radiators, and heaters. Make sure there’s plenty of space around the tree so it’s not blocking any exits or pathways.

Use safe decorations

The decorations you use on your tree can also pose a safety risk. Avoid using anything with an open flame, like candles, and opt for LED lights instead of traditional bulbs, which can get hot and start a fire. Also, be mindful of small decorations that could be a choking hazard for children and pets.

Take it down promptly

Once the holiday season is over, it’s important to take down your tree promptly. As the tree dries out, it becomes more of a fire hazard. Don’t leave it up into the new year or let it sit outside for too long after taking it down.

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