What are some bread basket etiquette rules?

What are some bread basket etiquette rules featured

Bread Basket Etiquette: Rules You Need to Know

Whether you’re dining at a fancy restaurant or having a casual meal with friends, bread is likely to be on the menu. While it may seem simple enough to grab a piece from the bread basket, there are actually a few etiquette rules that you should be aware of.

Use the Bread Knife Correctly

When the bread basket is passed around the table, you’ll usually find a bread knife alongside it. Make sure to use this knife to cut or tear off a piece of bread, rather than reaching in with your hands. It’s also important to avoid sawing the bread or leaving crumbs on the table.

Pass the Basket to Your Right

If you’re the one responsible for passing the bread basket, always hand it to the person on your right. This is a common tradition that helps keep things organized at the table.

Take Only What You Need

It can be tempting to fill up on bread, especially if it’s particularly delicious. However, it’s important to remember that the bread is just a prelude to the main course. Take only what you need to satisfy your hunger, and avoid filling up on bread before the meal even arrives.

Break Bread with Your Hands

When you’re ready to eat your piece of bread, avoid cutting it with a knife. Instead, break it apart with your hands. This is an age-old tradition that is still considered proper etiquette today.

Use the Bread Plate

Most restaurants will provide a small plate or saucer for you to place your bread on. Make sure to use this plate instead of placing your bread directly on the table. It helps keep things clean and prevents crumbs from getting everywhere.

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