How to wear a shawl with a skirt?

How to wear a shawl with a skirt featured

Choose the right shawl

When selecting a shawl to wear with a skirt, consider the size and material of the shawl. A larger shawl that can be draped over both shoulders and covers the midsection is ideal. Be sure to choose a material that complements the fabric of the skirt, whether it be a delicate lace or a heavier wool. A versatile option is a neutral-colored scarf made of cashmere or silk that can be worn with various skirt styles and colors.

Pair with the right skirt length

Consider the length of the skirt when incorporating a shawl into the outfit. Longer skirts, like maxi skirts or ankle-length skirts, pair well with long shawls that can be wrapped around the shoulders and styled with a belt. Knee-length or midi skirts pair well with shorter shawls that can be draped over the arms and left open. Avoid pairing a shawl with a mini skirt, as it may look disproportionate and unbalanced.

Use the shawl to enhance the outfit

A shawl can be used to enhance the overall look of the outfit. For example, a printed shawl can be used to add interest to a monochromatic outfit, while a solid-colored shawl can be used to tone down a bold patterned skirt. Shawls can also be used to add texture to an outfit, such as a chunky knit shawl paired with a smooth silk skirt.

Experiment with different tying methods

A shawl can be styled in several different ways to achieve different looks. Experiment with tying the shawl in different knots, draping it over one shoulder, or wrapping it around the neck like a scarf. Some shawls even come with buttons or clasps that can be used to create unique styles. Play around with different techniques until you find one that complements your skirt and body type.

Don’t forget about accessories

Accessories can enhance the overall look of an outfit and should not be overlooked when wearing a shawl with a skirt. A statement necklace or earrings can add a pop of color to a neutral outfit, while a simple pair of ballet flats or ankle boots can complete the look. Always consider the occasion when accessorizing and keep it simple for a daytime casual look or amp it up with bolder accessories for a night out.

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