How to use bobby pins for thick hair?

How to use bobby pins for thick hair featured

5 Tips for Using Bobby Pins on Thick Hair

Bobby pins are a great hair accessory for creating various hairstyles, including buns, braids, and updos. However, for those with thick hair, using bobby pins can be challenging. The pins either slip out or get lost in the thickness of the hair. In this article, we will share some tips to help you use bobby pins on thick hair successfully.

1. Use the Right Type of Bobby Pins

Not all bobby pins are created equal. For thick hair, it’s best to use longer pins with a stronger grip. Look for bobby pins designed for thick hair that have a longer length and a firmer hold.

2. Spray Bobby Pins with Hair Spray

To give your bobby pins an extra grip on your hair, spray them with hairspray before using them. This will help the pins stay in place and prevent them from sliding out.

3. Create a Base for Your Bobby Pins

If you’re attempting to create an updo or any other hairstyle that requires bobby pins, it’s best to create a base with a hair tie or pins first. This will provide grip and stability for the bobby pins to hold onto.

4. Insert Bobby Pins at an Angle

When inserting bobby pins into thick hair, it’s best to do so at an angle. Inserting the pins straight up and down can cause them to slide out more easily. Instead, insert pins diagonally or perpendicular to the hair.

5. Secure Bobby Pins with a Cross Pin

To keep bobby pins in place, you can secure them with a “cross pin.” After inserting a bobby pin, take another bobby pin and slide it through the first one horizontally, forming an “X.” This will provide extra stability and keep the pins from slipping out.

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