How to select the right size hair turban?

How to select the right size hair turban featured

Why Using Hair Turban is Beneficial?

A hair turban is a hair wrap that many women use to dry their hair. The turban is made of a soft, absorbent material that wicks moisture away from the hair and scalp, speeding up the drying process. This means less time spent using a blow dryer, which can be damaging to hair. Using a hair turban also helps reduce frizz and static. However, to get all the benefits of using a hair turban, you need to choose the right size.

Measure Your Hair Length

Before buying a hair turban, measure your hair length. This will help you determine the right size that you need to choose. If you have shoulder length hair, a smaller turban would be sufficient, whereas if you have longer hair, you’ll want a larger turban. For more accurate measurements, you can measure the circumference of your head as well.

Consider the Material of the Turban

Another factor to consider when selecting the right size hair turban is the material. Hair turbans are made with different materials that have varying degrees of stretch. Some materials have more elasticity than others, which means they can stretch to accommodate larger heads or more hair. It’s also important to choose a material that is soft and absorbent, such as microfiber, as it’s gentler on hair and helps reduce frizz and breakage.

Try Before You Buy

It’s important to try on a hair turban before purchasing to make sure it fits comfortably and securely. A turban that is too small will not stay on your head while a turban that is too large will be ineffective in drying your hair. If possible, try on different sizes and materials to find the right fit for your hair length and head size. You can also read reviews of different hair turbans before making a purchase.

Choose the Right Brand

Lastly, consider the brand when selecting a hair turban. Some brands have specific sizes and materials that work better for certain hair types or head sizes. Look for brands that specialize in hair turbans and have positive reviews from customers with similar hair types and lengths as you.

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