How to reupholster an armchair?

How to reupholster an armchair featured

Choosing the Right Fabric for Reupholstering Your Armchair

First things first, before you can reupholster your armchair, you need to choose the right fabric for the job. The fabric you choose plays a significant role when it comes to the overall look of your armchair. It is essential to get a fabric that is not only durable but also complements your existing décor.

Make sure to take into account the overall color scheme of the room as well as any patterns that may exist. If you have a room that has a lot of patterns, you want to consider choosing a solid-colored fabric for your armchair. A simple way to choose the right fabric is to take a picture of the room and bring it with you when you go shopping for upholstery.

Preparing Your Armchair for Reupholstering

Before you can start reupholstering your armchair, you need to prepare it by removing the existing fabric carefully. Start by removing the upholstery from the armchair, making sure to keep the old fabric intact. You can use this fabric as a pattern when cutting your new fabric.

After removing the old fabric, clean the armchair thoroughly. Look for any damage or wear and tear and repair it before proceeding to the next step. Inspect the frame to ensure its stability and make any necessary repairs.

Cutting and Attaching the New Fabric

Use the old fabric as a pattern to cut out the new fabric. Make sure to cut it to the right size and shape to fit your armchair. If you are new to reupholstering, you can use a staple gun to attach the new fabric to your armchair. Start by attaching the fabric to the armchair’s frame, ensuring that it is tight and wrinkle-free.

As you go along, make sure that the fabric is straight and aligned correctly. When you get to the armchair’s corners, carefully fold the fabric over and staple it in place. If you have any excess fabric, trim it off using scissors or a utility knife.

Replacing the Cushions and Final Touches

After attaching the new fabric, it’s time to replace the cushions. Use foam or stuffing to create a new cushion or use the existing cushion, depending on its condition. Make sure that the cushions fit the armchair snugly.

When everything is in place, trim any excess fabric and tuck it in nicely. Look for any missing buttons or tacks and replace them. Lastly, give your armchair a good clean to remove any dust or dirt.

Reupholstering an armchair can be a fun and straightforward DIY project, but it does take some time and effort. With the right fabric, a little bit of patience, and some basic tools, you can give your old armchair a new and refreshed look that fits perfectly with the rest of your space.

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