How to play the trumpet with braces?

How to play the trumpet with braces featured

Adjusting to Braces when Playing the Trumpet

If you’re a musician, you’ll understand the importance of practising with consistency. But what happens when you’re thrown a curveball, like needing to wear braces? As a trumpet player, braces can feel like an overwhelming obstacle, but they don’t have to be. Here are a few tips to help you continue playing the trumpet comfortably with braces:

Choose the Right Lip Protector

If you use a lip protector when playing the trumpet, make sure to choose one that’s comfortable enough to wear with braces. The right lip protector can help prevent cuts and other uncomfortable side effects caused by braces rubbing against your lips. Some popular options are silicone or rubber lip protectors that can be easily moulded to fit your braces and lips.

Take Advantage of Brace Wax

Braces have small metal brackets and wires that can be irritating to your mouth, especially when playing the trumpet. One solution to this problem is to use brace wax. By placing the wax over the metal brackets and wires, you can create a comfortable barrier between your braces and lips. Make sure to use enough wax so that it stays in place while you’re playing.

Practice Good Mouth Hygiene

When you have braces, it’s essential to maintain good mouth hygiene. Cleaning your teeth and braces after each meal can prevent food from getting stuck in your braces and causing discomfort while playing the trumpet.

Have Patience and Perseverance

Finally, it’s essential to have patience and perseverance. Playing the trumpet with braces can be frustrating and uncomfortable at first, but it’s crucial to stick with it. As your mouth adjusts to the braces, your playing will become more comfortable. Keep practising and don’t be discouraged by initial discomfort- soon playing with braces will seem like second nature.

Find Support

Playing the trumpet with braces can be a lonely business, and without the right support, musicians can quickly become discouraged. Seek out other musicians who have played with braces and understand what you’re going through. Additionally, consider talking to your orthodontist about your concerns, as they may have insight and advice to make playing with braces more comfortable.

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